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Jeff Kidd


Jeff Kidd


Height: 6' 0"          Weight: 175 lbs.          Hair: Blonde          Eyes: Blue



Texas Rein

Badge Of Faith (Kicked by Grace)

Deadly Sexy

Prelude To Infusco

The Penthouse

The Healer



The Kill Switch



A Writer's Block

8th Round Pick

The Day Washington Cried

The Returning King

No Good Deed

What Is Murphy's Law

Rap & Rhyme

When Tables Turn

The Pickup Line

Beneath The Old Dark House: Hybrid

Trespass II: Mirage
Alex's Guy



3 Way Cut

Ronnie - Wanda's Man

Cliff Kesterson

Officer Chandler

Matt Wenzell

Ian Montgomery (Lead)


Detective Black

John King

Joseph Cornish

Scott Connolly (Lead)

Bob James (Lead)

D.A. Phillip Wainwright

Brad Murlosky

John Benson

George Washington (Lead)

Roman Captain

Eli (Adult)


Jerry Lawson

Jim Hines

Danny Wynn (Lead)

Agent Michaels

Richard Lawrence

Nick Wallace

Governor Duncan (Lead)

Lieutenant Johnson (Lead)

Maxwell Teagan

Craig Zobel / Adam Stone

Durrell Nelson / Beautiful Feet Prod.

Donald Leow / Stonetable Films

Stephen Cheeks / Siri Austin Ent.

E. Wilson / Midnite Crow Prod.

Max Cerchi / Shifter Prod.

Michael Pearce / Roger Klietz
Jacque Martinrod / Backrow Prod.

L. Valtorta / Genesis Studios

Louis Bekoe / Black Cannon

Jacob Worden / Studio Greyblue

Jesse H. Knight / Code 7 Prod.

Fred Forte / Forte Jr. Prod.

Brett Bortle / Weekend Warrior Prod.
Scott Galloway / Susie Films

Stephen Lyons / Cinetique Images

Grant Lafferty / Grant Lafferty Prod.

Robert Gibb / PCC Films

Maurice Hicks / OON Prod.

Michael Foster / FMG Prod.

Victor Cordova / Minor Detour

Jesse  H, Knight / Jesse Knight Films

Benjamin Thomas / p2ben Prod.

Fred Forte / Frte Jr. Prod.

Michaux Muanda / Noah Day Prod.

Daniel Troyer / New Found Media

Jesse H. Knight / Code 7  Prod.

The RESIDENT, episode 204
SLEEPY HOLLOW, episode 107
NASCAR: The Rise Of American Speed
Legends & Lies 3: Civil War
A Haunting, episode 55
A Haunting, episode 79
Murder Comes To Town, episode 310
Murder Comes To Town, episode 503
Murder Calls, episode 210
Snapped: Killer Couples, episode 409
It's Supernatural, episode Rod Cantor
Deadly Affairs, episode 308
Justice: By Any means, episode 110
Homicide Hunter, episode 602
Homicide Hunter, episode 707
Ice Cold Killers, episodes 504, 505, 506
Lizard Lick Towing episodes 4.13, 5.2, 5.3
Sleepy Hollow, episode 107

Bossy Lawyer
Michael Waltrip
H.W. Smith
Sonny Yancey (Lead)
Mike Stowe
Tony Kelough
Bill Houston
Bob Smith (Lead)
Stephen Small
Preacher Simpson
Larry Stevenson
Detective Buchmann
D.A. Brian May
Dr. Ted Lewis
Investigator Zimmerman
Mayor Sam Davis

Geary McLeod / 20th Century Fox
Len Wiseman / 20th Century Fox
Rick Lopez / Stephen David Ent.
Kevin Hershberger / Warm Springs Prod.
David Haycox / New Dominion Pic.
Greg Frances / New Dominion Pic.
Geoffrey Proud / Lusid Med.
Geoffrey Proud / LUsid Ent.
Brian Peery / Lusic Ent.
Christopher Mitchell / Jupiter Ent.
Warren Marcus / Llewellyn Films
Cara Walters / Sirens Media
Christopher Mitchell / Jupiter Ent.
Jeff Wood / Jupiter Ent.
Jeff Wood / Jupiter Ent.
Stanley Skira / m2 Pictures
Lauren Meyer / Zodiac USA
Len Wiseman / 20th Century Fox
Sonic Automotive 
Priority Automotive
Continental Tire
Bernard Law Firm
Federal Trade Commission: Anti-Scam Campaign
Food & Drug Administration: Disease Awareness
CBN "Protect Your Brain" Series
CBN "Premium Spot"
CBN "The Great Discovery Society"
FDA - Disease Awareness Solutions
Cheq Ad Verification Solutions
Vestra Logistics 
Lumber Liquiidators
InVue Security
My Patriots Supply
Captains Seat
Twisted Tea
Brandermill Woods
Charleston E.E.N.T Clinic
Clever Key
Tidelands Healthcare
SSRHS My Chart Healthcare App. 
Babson Capital
Rich & Thompson Funeral Home
Whisperer Solar Generator
Hoover AutoMal

Customer (Lead) 
Interviewed Customer (Lead)
Tire Buyer (Lead)
Accident Victim (Lead)
Dave LeChamp (Lead) 
Dad (Lead)
Spokesman (Lead)
Handyman (Lead)
Husband (Lead)
Family Dad
Transparency Salesman (Lead)
Salesman (Lead) 
Hotel Guest / Customer (Lead)
Survivalist (Lead)
Businessman (Lead)
NASCAR Crew Chief
Mr. Kimbrell
Allergy Dad (Lead)
Jim (Lead)
Therapy Patient
Dad (Lead)
Michael (Lead)
Son (Lead)
Camper (Lead)
Car Buyer (Lead)

Justin Keoninh / Huge Inc. 
Stuart Holt / Park Group
Brett Bortle / Weekend Warrior Prod.
Stuart Holt / Park Group
N. Klezewski / Park Group
Max Acchoine / Potomac Comm. Group
Benjamin H. Andrus / CBN Inc.
Gus Evangelista / CBN Inc.
Gus Evangelista/CBN Inc.
Stuart Holt / Park Group
Robert Capell / Optimum Prod.
Jordan Quackenbush / Optimum Prod.
Kerry S. Brown / Trademarky Films
Randy Davis / Episode 11 Productions
Elisabeth Pritchett / Intellivision
Scott Davis / Contour Products Inc.
Kurt Squires / Squires LLC
Lucas Krost / The Branching
Christian Jones / Motivated Marketing
E. Pritchett / Intellivision Inc.
Gus Murillo / BigFish Presentations
Jeremy Carey / Ironclad Media Alliance
RJ Hen / RJ Hen Films
Alan Kirby / All Pro Media
W. Brooks / American Lantern Press
Christian Jones / Motivated Marketing


Altria / Phillip Morris USA

Beacon Medaes

Bank Of America - Training Video

PUBLIX Employee Training Videos

MILO Response - EMS Durham, NC

Independent Living News

Spokesman (Lead)

Spokesman (Lead)

Banking Customer

Shopper (Lead)

Father / Shooter
Spokesman (Recurring Lead)

Jonathan Rhudy / Rhudy & Co.

Scott Steward / SFS Prod. LLC

Brett McMillan / BOFA Inc.

Jeff Tuckey / Publix Inc.

Luke Richmond / FAAC Inc.

W. Brooks / American Lantern Press


Sawgrass Inks

Ivey's Catalogue



Andy Hagedon / smArt Image LLC

Jackie Lucky / Ivey's Inc.

Charlotte Fashion Week
Ivey's Dept. Store (Dillards)

Runway Model
Runway / Print Work

Rita Miles / Charlotteseen
Jackie Lucky / Ivey's
The Actors Lab
Audition Psych
Tactical Weapons Training
Script/Scene Breakdown
Subtextual Film Acting
Acting in Corporate Television
Script Breakdown
Meisner Technique

JD Lewis
Michael Kostroff
Carolina Filmworks
Casting Exchange
Lon Bumgarner
Elyse Williams
Charlotte Film Community

Chalotte, N.C.
New York, N.Y.
Charlotte, N.C.
Charlotte, N.C.
Charlotte, N.C.
Charlotte, N.C.
Charlotte, N.C.
Asheville, N.C.

Skills: Expert Horseman, Modeling, Public Speaking, Firearms
Golf, Surfing, Snow Skiing, Scuba Diving, Horseback & Motorcycle Riding, Billiards
Instruments: General Percussion
Dance: Disco, Club
Accents: Southern, California, Standard American, British